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78% of Men have Underwear Over 10 Yrs Old

Why Men Don't Replace 

Why Men Should Replace



Average Pair of Underwear $20

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Throwing away pairs results in more

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Despise Shopping

Most guys would rather NOT shop

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New Underwear subconsciously feels great



Doctors say underwear should be replaced every 18 months

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56% of lovers say old pairs are the biggest turn off

Amazingly Comfortable Underwear


Hankies are made from 95% Bamboo, which is 200% softer, 40% more absorbent and 105% more breathable than cotton.

Our "3D Pouch Technology" gives you the support required to get through the day.

If you don't love your Hankies, we will refund your money plus 10% for trying them. 

Hankies provide the ideal combination of softness, flexibility, and support. 

 Hankies Membership

NEVER have to worry about finding a hole, stain, or anything else that could be crawling around in your underwear for almost a decade. 




ReReceive 3 Pairs Every 3 Months

Throw Away Old Pairs

Throw Away those decade-old Pairs


Wait 3 Months, and we'll do it again

Choose what works for you


$22 Every 3 months, and you will receive 3 pairs of Hankies. Cancel anytime.


 Save Over 60% 

$15 a pair (Plus $6 S&H)

Meet a few Members

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Tony W.

I used to buy my underwear at Banana Republic, but the moment I put on my first pair of Hankies I realized how "great" underwear should feel. Not going to lie, I look through my drawer in the morning & get excited when I have a pair of clean Hankies"

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Brian B.

"I'm a musician and I wear Hankies to my gigs. Soundcheck, lights, dance moves; it doesn’t matter. Hankies hold their shape and support, and I stay totally dry, all night. I’m never buying boxers at the store again."


Zach W.

"I’ve been a “Calvin” guy for the last 10 years, but I am now all about Hankies. The material and overall quality is fantastic and I love that they automatically send me 3 pairs every few months."


So what's the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. No sneaky contracts, no complicated fine print, and most importantly no BS. Still not convinced? Read on.

How Much does Hankies Cost?

A membership is $22 and it is charged every 3 months. If you buy them indivually, they are $15 plus $6 S&H. A membership can be cancelled anytime.

What type of Underwear are Hankies?

They are Hankies. We like to think of them as the perfect combination of boxer briefs, and briefs. Extremely comfortable, soft, made from bamboo. You'll love them, Guaranteed! If you are unhappy, we will gladly refund your money and give you an extra 10% for trying them out.

Why Hankies do not have a fly?

When designing our Hankies we went through countless tests and learned that the majority of men preferred the better support from not having the Fly verse the less than 1% that used the "Fly". Basically, the fly removes the support that men love.

Can I Cancel a Membership?

Yes, Anytime. Warning, we will ask you "why", which you can ignore. We hope you choose to come back. Simply click the login screen on the bottom and press cancel.

What if I order the wrong size?

Simply send us a message on the link below and we'll send you a different size. It is very important to us that you love them. The cost to you is $0, we do ask that you donate the ones that do not fit to a homeless shelter.

What is this 110% Guarantee?

You have 7 days from delivery to try out your Hankies and if your not happy we will refund your money plus an additional 10% for trying us out. You keep your Hankies, you get your money back and we pay you an additional 10% for giving us a try. (That's how confident we are you will love them!)

Can I choose the pattern/color?

Simple answer is "No". To keep our costs low for you we choose them, but promise that they have been curated by a very "stylish" person.

Hankies Helps Homeless 

With Every New Customer, we donate a pair to a Homeless Shelter