So What's The Catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously. No sneaky contracts, no complicated fine print, and most importantly no BS. Still not convinced? Read on.

How Much does Hankies Cost?

A subscription is $22 and it is charged every 3 months. If you buy them without a subscription they are $29. A subscription can be cancelled anytime.

What type of Underwear are Hankies?

What type of underwear are Hankies? They are Hankies. We obsess over every detail, every stitch, and every new possibility to bring you the best underwear you deserve with fabric, fit, and function always at our core. You'll love them, Guaranteed! If you are unhappy, we will gladly refund your money and give you an extra 10% for trying them out.

Why don't Hankies have a fly?

When designing our Hankies we went through countless tests and learned that the majority of men preferred the better support from not having the Fly verse the less than 1% that used the "Fly". Basically, the fly removes the support that men love.

Can I Cancel a subscription?

Yes, Anytime. Warning, we will ask you "why", which you can ignore. We hope you choose to come back. Simply click the login screen on the bottom and press cancel.

What if I order the wrong size?

Simply send us a message on the link below and we'll send you a different size. It is very important to us that you love them. The cost to you is $0, we do ask that you donate the ones that do not fit to a homeless shelter.

What is this Guarantee?

You have 7 days from delivery to try out your Hankies and if your you're not happy we will refund your money. You keep your Hankies. (That's how confident we are you will love them!) If you're on the subscription plan and you dont like the style we sent you, let us know and we'll send an extra one of what you like in your next shipment.

Can I choose the pattern/color?

Simple answer is "No". To keep our costs low for you we choose them, but promise that they have been curated by a very "stylish" person. Also, if you are on a subscription plan and you don't like the style we sent you, let us know, and we will send you a pair you like in your next shipment.